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beautiful. Love the colors

Colorful peacock


peacock @Alexandra St-laurent

watercolor - peacock feather


Peacock art

Love these colors...mix of metallic and neon ... SO my vibe :) been painting a lot with em lately :D ***BUT I can't find the artist?? If anyone knows who this is by PLEASE comment!*** I see the little signature there...

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Pavo real Tomado de: *Reptiliam Visual es una agencia de publicidad siempre a la vanguardia, conoce las ventajas que te ofrecemos.

Lucy Newton; Ink, Mixed Media "peacock"

I really love peacocks and this painting was a delightful opportunity to study the amazing beauty of their feathers. Title: Peacock Feather Size:




Watercolor and ink work... This is beautiful...

"Croton Series 1" Silk Painting by Deborah Younglao


Beautiful collection of colors!