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cactus. ~ WOW!!! A bit phallic—ok... SUPER PHALLIC‼️‼️, don't you think?!!! I LOVE THE COLORS though! (@ least I'm pretty sure that is why I'm drawn to them - LOL!)!!!

Little finger-sized inconspicuous cactus has huge astounding flowers

Texture : Flower / Fleur. Looks like the Golden Barrel Cactus Flower.

Pretty Red Cactus Flowers - mine flowered marvelously this year!

Cactus in beautiful full bloom. → For more, please visit me at:

I always wondered what a Saguaro cactus bloom looked like!

Cactus Bloom 2013. Gardening Tips & Lots Of Pictures also Lots of Good Fresh Garden Recipe www.gardentheeasy...

Disocactus ramulosus (syn. Pseudorhipsalis ramulosa), Red Mistletoe Cactus

Dangerous Beauty A beautiful blossom erupts amidst a field of cactus in Arizona.