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    The Mellow Mudra - donna eden u-tube balancedwomensblo...

    Chandrakala Mudra – mudra for detoxifying Lungs and large Intestine Chandrakala Mudra is a mudra used in Indian dance forms. The mudra, additionally, has several health benefits. Holding this mudra for 10 to 15 minutes either in morning or evening relieves lungs and large intestine of accumulated debris, which is in form of cough in the lungs and undigested (fermenting) food in the large intestine. It is very helpful for people suffering from Asthma and chronic Constipation...

    Granthita Mudra – mudra for activating throat chakra and self healing Granthita Mudra or Knot Mudra opens the knot in the throat center. It activates the Vishuddhi Chakra (throat chakra), opens the vocal cord passage thereby making speech clear and sweet, balances the Thyroid gland, and induces self healing. This mudra is especially helpful for Cancer patients...Hold this stance for 5-10 minutes. Breathe naturally.

    Uttarabodhi Mudra – mudra for relaxation and recharging body batteries

    Donna Eden 5 Min Energy Routine - YouTube

    Healing Mudras: Apana mudra has a grounding force to help you connect with the earth's energies whenever you are feeling off balance or flighty.

    Kalesvara Mudra is dedicated to the lord of time. Kalesvara Mudra helps us by clearing conflicting thoughts and making us calmer. It helps us in contemplating and observing our character, addictions and behavior over time, opening the door for change. Kalesvara Mudra can be practiced by anyone desiring change. It should be practiced for at least 15 -20 minutes. To do Kalesvara mudra...

    Naga Mudra - mudra for unlocking mysteries and finding answers (Read more on my blog)

    Laughter Mudra – mudra for prosperity and wisdom Laughter Mudra induces wisdom and lightness in demeanor. You feel like a royal. The mudra was named laughter mudra because a prosperous person always laughs and smiles. The mudra is said to bring prosperity. You have to join tip of the thumb with tips of index, middle and ring finger. The little finger will remain comfortably extended. You can do it for 10 minutes or as comfortable while seated on a chair or while in Sukhasana or Padmasana.

    Mudra for Powerful Energy

    Ksepana Mudra – for letting go and removal of negative energy

    Detoxification Mudra – mudra for elimination of toxins from the body (Read more on my blog)

    Prana Mudra - recharge your inner battery

    Makara Mudra – for activating the energy reserve

    How To Do EFT - Tapping Points Diagram - EFT Basic Recipe

    Kashyapa Mudra – mudra for balance and protection against negative energies Kashyapa Mudra symbolizes tortoise, union of masculine and feminine and Sage Kashyapa (Hindu mythology). Like tortoise it creates a seal against negative energies. Use it when you find yourself in conflict situation or when among the group of negative people. You can hold this mudra when visiting places having dark past. Like union of masculine and feminine, this mudra helps in creating balance and grounding. Make...

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    Chakra Mudras

    Good chakra meditation