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This is not okay! :'(<<<< ok, I can handle this... *deep breath* *a quicker breath* *starts hyperventilating*

"mine doesn't, it is just one big line without an end" i said, "so that's why you do what you do?"he asked, "no, i do the stupid shit i do hoping that one of them will give me the key to the only door left to open" she sighed, "i'm not suicidal, i just know to much" @Caitlyn Nelson Potter

It was the heaviest thing I’ve ever endured, and I had the sensation of being crushed under a thousand trucks. I thought it was going to faint from the pain, but took a deep breath. I can do that. — The Titan’s Curse

*deep breath* MAGNUS CHASE! Get your butt right back here and sit down. We need to have a talk.

Those were the days... *sigh* (I didn't lose sleep at night thinking about were that relationship was going... But I am glade Percabeth worked out [even if I do lose sleep]).