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Áo dài ren đá - RD485 / Pink a lovely color, anyone love it? I bet most of girl does, if you do, this dress is the best for you :D / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2656-ao-dai-ren-da-rd485#.UGwEI6NKY80

Áo dài ren đá - RD649 / Middle Autumn festival is coming really close, need to buy some moon cake or maybe make it by myself :D / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2820-ao-dai-ren-da-rd649#.UGNQuqNKY80

Áo dài ren đá - RD622 | You think white is simple, but not is this dress, it’s special in every single details :)

I’m coming home, tell the world that I coming home, let the rain wash the way, all the pains are yesterday :) / Ao Dai Ren Da - RD624 - http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2795-ao-dai-ren-da-rd624#.UIbaMYZKY80

Ao Dai Ren Da - RD538 / Dark orange color, it’s almost like the skin color, very sexy and beautiful :) / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2709-ao-dai-ren-da-rd538#.UG3S26NKY80

BRIDAL WEDDING DRESS - WR042 For the Queen, one of the most luxury dress for your wedding :)

One day left till Vietnamese middle Autumn festival, everyone got the moon cake? :D / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2800-ao-dai-ren-da-rd629#.UGaM4qNKY80

Vietnamese ao dai

Have a great new month with our special dress, a beautiful art and you don’t want to miss it :) / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2760-ao-dai-ren-da-rd589#.UGsSdaNKY80

Ao Dai Ren - RD416 / Cool weather and not rain, this is the great month to visit Vietnam, let’s grab the luggage and go :) / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2587-ao-dai-ren-da-rd416#.UHPLQKNKY80

A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears :) / Ao Dai Ren Da - RD548 - http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2719-ao-dai-ren-da-rd548#.UIngjpHENnM

Ao dai

For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness, cheers :D / Ao Dai Ren Da - RD582 - http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2753-ao-dai-ren-da-rd582#.UIu8R4ZKY80

Áo dài quý bà - CM365 / Peacock, the symbol of powerful people in old Vietnamese, just like dragon or phoenix :) / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-quy-ba/chi-tiet/3230-ao-dai-quy-ba-cm365#.UGLOQaMjGqk

Áo dài ren đá - RD674 / Our September hottest dress with blue dress and yellow pants a gentle combined :) / http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-ren-da/chi-tiet/2845-ao-dai-ren-da-rd674#.UGKfFKMjGqk

Bridesmaid's ao dai

Lovely Ao Dai

ao dai vietnam

ao dai

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it :) / Ao Dai Cach Tan - CT563 - http://aodaihoanguyen.com/ao-dai/ao-dai-cach-dieu/chi-tiet/3661-ao-dai-cach-dieu-ct563#.UIdDeJHENnM

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