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Saga: A free app, that pulls in data from Facebook, Twitter and other apps to build an understanding of the individual user, and then crunches that with schedules and preferences to produce suggestions as to nearby restaurants, when would be a good time in the day to run, where friends are (and who users might actually like to hang out with), and other recommendations.

Venmo involuntarily turned into a charity app

Venmo Involuntarily Turned Into A Charity App - You like running and you always keep fit. You enjoy competing with your friends and setting new records. Or maybe you are going to join another…

KDDI Corporation: Sync Dinner. This year, KDDI Corporation will open a special restaurant for one day only on Christmas Eve for people who are unable to get together on Christmas Eve - for example, couples that are separated by distance or those who are on business assignments away from their families. Plans to create an experience of a futuristic restaurant service took shape from the company's idea to use communication technology to bring people's hearts closer together.

Cell Phone Disco is a room-sized installation with many Plexiglas panels articulated with rows of thousands of tiny LED lights that visualizes the electromagnetic field of an active mobile phone. Cell Phone: Art and the Mobile Phone. Contemporary Museum (2007). CPD_2007_03: