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I'm a freshman, and band camp is next week. Just as a concert musician, I can understand most of this. After next week, it'll make more sense than anything else.

Actually I live for marching band practices. It's such a prefect way to get my mind off of everything else

Band geek problem #74

How many times did I say this in my high school life?<----- I have just started band camp recently (freshman).

I wish this post would mind the language but...it is funny Violins right on point

As a piano player I get to play and violin parts, cello part, viola parts and my own stuff in orchestra

I absolutely hate it when people say marching band isn't a sport. It takes so much effort not to flip them off since we work just as hard as, if not harder, than other athletes.

My karate teacher told me today that marching band isn't a sport, well I'd like to see them try it, and then tell me if it's a sport.


I'm actually really good atath and this is pretty wrong. with our current technology.

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