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So much happiness…

Funny Picture lol poor guy eat slower next time...wait he's a dog...yep that's never ganna happen get ready for the next brain freeze then lol


You there, high five…

"Hey man whats up! High 5!" (As much as I love/deeply cherish these "big cats".. I cannot imagine being *this* close without the thick zoo glass separating me..Just ~wow! God bless this animal..and those that give it care)


The happiest animal in the world, meet the quokka…

The happiest animal in the world. #Quokka #Australia #animals OMG what is it and where can I pet one?!?!

I didn't have Disco as a baby, but I'm pretty sure he looked just like this :) #cutecat


If I fits, I sits: the big cat version…

big cats also like boxes too :) the lion reminds me a kimba there both just a little to big for there boxes: Fit, Lion, Kitty Cat, Big Cats, Boxes, Cat Love, Bigcats, Cat Trap, Animal