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Dimension 6: The Christed child of Magical children (Crystal consciousness) has access to their magical and spiritual aspects and playground of life. Life is seen as magical and blessed. All life is directed and advanced through the work of spirits evolution while exercising the right to be a creator on an individual level. ( Click photo )

Women of Sicily by Jacqueline Alio. One of the most under-heard voices in the western world. Sicilian women were not educated to read and write for many years and so the immigrant and homeland narratives of the women of Sicily went unheard.

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How Ayahuasca Can Heal Your Body and Mind

ayahuasca...A conversation with "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham about the plant’s psychedelic healing powers.

Truck Driving Jobs and Flatbed Trucking Jobs are just 2 of the types of jobs that Omaha Trucking Jobs, part of the Hunt Transportation company, offers. They are based in Omaha Nebraska