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"Tarzan needs us and we're gonna help him! You got that?!" Oh Tantor how you make me giggle LOL

From the movie Tarzan: Tantar "I've had enough of you and your emotional constipation!

LOL i always sing this. "i've got no strings to hold me down!

Funny scenes

I had to pin this because I love the Lilo and Stitch, Tarzan, Aristocats, and Lion King scenes in the picture.

Another Disney reference you don't understand until you're older...and then you die laughing:)

Hercules - this is one of the funniest things. Hercules is just a funny movie. Hence all of the awesome pins from it.

You are buying me a new pair of slippers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulan: you men owe me a new pair of slippers and i do not squeal like a girl!

"Yeah, weird..." "Let me see that vial...This isn't poison! This is extract of...LLAMA! Ooohhh..."

Emperor's New Groove

I just saw this quote wrongly attributed to Alice in Wonderland so I had to post this because Sleeping Beauty was my favorite movie when I was little.

dreams come true, sleeping beauty

let the memories begin ºOº

One of my absolute favorite Disney moments


Oh yeah! This reminds me of my freshman year of high school! So much fun!

Definitely my favorite line in the whole movie. I can't watch this movie without saying this with the movie.

Great Movie Moments: "Indoor plumbing--it's gonna be big.

1758. "I hate Squirrels"!

Hahah, I love Up the movie (:

My Daughter

Beauty and the Beast, aww family.

Let's see, I was Ariel, Jane, and Esmeralda when I was younger.

tarzan one of my favorite quotes of the movie!

Once Upon A Time, Used To Be Long Long Ago

let the memories begin ºOº

'There are no strings on me!'