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I didn't know this! Pinner said: Note to self: Petroleum Jelly also glows under black light.

Ghostly Glow Cutting up Glow Sticks and shaking them inside of a jar (we recommend adults do the shaking) is an easy way to create an otherwordly lantern to light your porch on All Hallows Eve. Glow Jars from Intimate Weddings

Pumpkins in stockings instead of carving them.

Glow sticks for Halloween treats! I love the idea of giving out something non-candy! And it would keep my husband out of the candy too!

balloons + glow sticks + cheesecloth

Glowing ghosts: White balloons, one/two glow sticks (any color), cheese cloth, and string. Put activated glow sticks in white balloon, inflate balloon, drape cheese cloth over balloon, and tie string to the tied opening of balloon. Hang inside or outside :)

masks + glow sticks = great Halloween inspiration

Halloween decoration-- styrofoam balls, draw on the eyes, cover with white cloth and hang from the ceiling using fishing twine and tape.

Easy Halloween decorations:) All you need is some cotton balls,mason jar,spiders, and a glow stick. Hope everyone enjoy's!