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'Little Earthquakes' by Jennifer Weiner. One of her best. I'm not into 'chick' books at all, but Weiners stories are beyond the 'cheesiness' of a typical 'chick' story. Well worth the read.

Beautiful love story with some mystery/suspense. Well written, interesting, clean and inspiring. I love ALL of his books!

Little Earthquakes: A Novel (Washington Square Press) by Jennifer Weiner

I love Emily Giffin's books! They are so cute. Again, the book is SO much better than the movie! (I am NOT a Kate Hudson fan. It might have something to do with not liking the movie?)

The first sentence of the jacket summary- law school, and a girl with wild curly hair, wide hips, and an opinion she can't keep to herself (more or less)

Characters you won't forget. Jules Strauss (college student who earns income from donating her “pedigree” eggs), Annie Barrow (SAHW who discovers a way to bring in some much needed extra cash), and India Bishop (43 who decides a baby will ensure a happy ending). Book takes readers into a timely tale that interweaves themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and donorship, the rights of a parent and the measure of motherhood.