oh goodness.

A Young Child At Church...Singing unto the Lord. Out of the mouth of babes there is perfected praise.

leah zawadzki.

In Mummy's shoes

Beautiful photo of Mom and her little ones. Love the light. via 500px. LOVE THIS PICTURE.

The most beautiful portraits taken by a mother of her daughter: Lamb Loves Fox

... so cute!


happydayout: imagination

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Gorgeous outdoorsy girl

hold me! hold me!

Faceless portraits. Fabulous lighting

All Things Girly & Beautiful

Every little girl should have a glitter photo shoot. What a fun and beautiful idea!

braids... what a cutie!

ZsaZsa Bellagio: Classy & Sassy

Such a sweet photo

pay attention to the background and the light.

Handy photo lighting cheat sheet by Udi from DIY Photography! #ILOVEPHOTOJOJO

Mary had a little lamb, but Quinoa has a better little lamb. And better hair accessories. And more friends. Who's calling the shots now, huh, Mary? #MIWDTD