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A Sweet Cenote Dive

Snorkeling in Cade Butler, Mexico. What an amazing picture!

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No jellyfish,sharks,or seaweed!! World's largest swimming pool - in Chile - 1013 meters long covers 80 acres, its deepest end reaches 115ft and it holds 66 million gallons of water

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ALot of people want to do this but i love sea turtles sooo much, my entire bedroom is ocean themed and all i need left is a sea turtle on my wall. i plan on swimming with sea turtles this summer in cancun




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19 Amazing Instagram Users You Need To Follow

paddleboarding is my favorite thing ever.

did this in 2012, when it was warm enough too, and it was amazing because I did it in my boyfriend's private pool with him. Nothing dirty, just lots of laughter :) | go night swimming / bucket list