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  • Kathy Horton

    Barberry is a hard, thorny, semi-deciduous shrub. It produces edible fruits which may be eaten raw or used to make tea, by soaking one or two crushed Barberries in a cup of water and boiling the solution. Barberry contains several active substances that are quite effective in fighting off bacterial attacks and infection, to reduce fever and also boost the activity of the immune system.

  • Gabriele Corcos

    Wildman Steve Brill is the go to guy for foraging so we went to the Wildman to learn about just that. Having made a name for himself nationally for his extreme knowledge and experience of edible and medicinal wild plants and getting arrested in Central Park back in 1986 for eating a flower, Steve will now share his know how with Under the Tuscan in a weekly post showcasing different wild plants each week. This week: American Barberry.

  • Anne Gonnella

    Japanese Barberry started as a cultivated plant, and is now a well-established invasive species, filling many woodland areas in Howard County. The berries and roots are edible. Eradicate it when you can, and enjoy some of its benefits when you do. The berries ripen in the fall and are rich in vitamin C and Berberine, an immune system booster. The berries, roots and bark are considered medicinal herbs, but be careful, because too much can bring on unwanted side effects.

  • Heather Fransen

    Barberry, medicinal uses and how to make barberry tea

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