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bambi and thumper tattoo

Bambi tattoo


Bambi tattoo :)

Cute Bambi tatty.

wing tattoos (I want some on the back of my ankle, that are like the first illustration on the sixth row, since I have quite a flighty nature & like to fly the coop at the drop of the hat whenever possible!)

small tattoo - elephant I really want this on like my ankle. Elephants are smart animals who's memories go back decades. They aare strong and always Preserver. I love it

Cute tattoo.

I love elephants so much. I'm thinking I'd like to get a small elephant tattoo, and this would be a good idea to get one like this for the people in my family (not on my ankle, b/c that'd hurt, maybe I'd have it wraping around my thigh)

Out of this world Sasha Unisex tattoos… I am absolutely IN LOVE with this style for animal tattoos!


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So it goes #tattoo

disney tattoos




So quite simple - Tattoo Art

Tasteful back piece

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