Erik Johansson

Extraordinary Photo Manipulations By Erik Johansson « AcrisDesign AcrisDesign

Crosswalk to Heaven by Alastair Magnaldo

Amazing Surreal Photography by French artist Alastair Magnaldo. Every of his picture tells a story. Alastair turns his work in surrealist paintings in which children’s dreams come true – climb a rainbow, wipe the sun, a star … … Continue Reading →

Artists vs. the Megacity - Interpreting Urban Sprawl Through Art

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Los fotomontajes oníricos y surrealistas de Gilbert Garcin

Gilbert Garcin's "Regard Sur la Peinture Contemporaine" photograph is available for sale at HL Photograph Gallery. Find more French surrealist photography here.

"Is anyone else having a weird sense of Deja Vu" He asked as we stood on the boardwalk in the sky. Staring across the gap to where we needed to be. "Uhm... No I personally have never been on a rickety boardwalk in the sky contemplating stupidly jumping to the other side" I responded my voice heavily laden with sarcasm. "No" he responded rolling his eyes "I was more thinking Shel Silvertsteen 'Where the Sidewalk Ends'". "Huh" Ana said "Somehow i doubt this is what good ole Shel was…

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Stimulus- something that is motivating the customer to make a purchase. Ch 15 Vocab. Bradley Cole

Surrealism is a civilizing society that began in the early and is best known for the visual artworks and writings of the group members.