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He's actually starting to grow on me...

Tom Hardy - NY Times - January 2017

Tom Hardy Is at Home as Hero and Villain in ‘Taboo’ - The New York Times

(Be him) England's most drool worthy and well known model and actor, Tom Hiddleston. Of course, everyone jokes that we only have five actors, ten props, and three scripts. I'm a PA, just another worker on set who takes orders like coffee. I hope to be an actress some day. Today didn't start out well. "Oh, bloody-! I'm so sorry!" I just dumped coffee all over Tom Hiddleston. Uh-oh.

[NEW] Tom interviewed for "The Hollywood Reporter" magazine! Tom Holland talks on his friendship with Harrison (@hazosterfield) and their arguments between Spider-man and Batman. – @tomholland2013 | #tomholland #hollanders #harrisonosterfield #spiderman