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have you ever seen a more perfect beach home? - small seaside cottage bedroom loft // captain jack's wharf Even if it's a small home like this, I WILL have a beach house one day.

pequeña casa-3


Located 20 minutes outside of Chattanooga, TN, this tiny house was handcrafted with recycled materials and has a rooftop deck.

Little house in Little Rock, AR. Bret Franks Construction.

Little house in Little Rock, AR. Bret Franks Construction. (Georgiana Design)

I love the loft idea.kitchen and loft in a 900 sq ft home based on the Whitbey plan by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

Tottenham loft

THIS IS TOTALLY AMAZING! Credit: Ida Magntorn The bedrooms are accessed by vertigo-inducing ladders. The mezzanine above the kitchen, outside the second bedroom, is Petersen's compact work space.

cool Design Ideas for an Attic / Loft Bedroom by http://www.best100homedecorpics.club/attic-bedrooms/design-ideas-for-an-attic-loft-bedroom/

There aren’t that many differences when it comes to attic / loft bedroom ideas versus designing any other bedroom in the house. Have a look at my Bedrooms Mood

(Make certain the window is a fire escape window with a fire escape ladder.)

30 Beautifully Decorated Attic Room Designs

Love the wood ceiling! Maximize your space by exploring the options of crevices to create an additional room in your home. With a few adjustments an attic can be a guest room and that large closet can become an office. I like it as a little boys hideaway


Mimalmist Bedroom Design Inspiration - Raised Futon Bed with Drawer Storage Underneath - Add Plants & Change Color Pallete

great idea for extra space

29 Ultra Cozy Loft Bedroom Design Ideas

Small Space Apartment Interior Designs You Can Have. Show flats of new condo developments have some fantastic small space apartment interior designs. Many of us by choice or necessity live in small.

Modern day Little House on the Prairie

Country home space room home decor bed country wood kitchen rustic table interior ladder

【可愛らしさ炸裂】潔いコンパクトな平屋 | 住宅デザイン

Tiny House - farmhouse - bedroom - portland - Jessica Helgerson Interior Design Make a sleeping loft for guests

I like how this painting has smaller detail like the cat and the steaming coffee in her hand which makes me feel cosy. Because without it would feel more lonely with a girl looking out onto a big world all alone.

Girl and her cat on a fire escape looking out at the blue and purple city at night. Dreamy and pretty. Artist Pascal Campion's illustrations add a sense of joy to everyday life.