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Oh my... Someone had too much time on their hands!!

Elf Pants (Fashion Fails): This is one good pic of elf pants YES I made it myself

Get Ready For Autumn/Winter 2016 Men’s Fashion: Crocheted Pants

Get Ready For Autumn/Winter 2016 Men’s Fashion: Crocheted Pants

Crocheted Man Shorts/Boxers... All the Rage (12 Pics)

Sexy Shorts Trousers Handmade, Men, Present, Gift Underwear (elephant pattern) Humour in a relationship is obligatory!

Funky Sweater You have decided to invent a new style that includes wearing Grandma s tablecloth as a sweater. What else does your new style include?  Option Two: Where is this man going, and what will he do when he gets there?

Funky Handmade Vintage Rainbow Granny Square Afghan Crochet Jacket Sweater

superseventies:  1970s mens knitwear.

superseventies: 1970s mens knitwear

"Yes, Andy and I are going to the party dressed as boxes of crayons, why do You ask?

Ik heb een nieuwe zwembroek gekregen van mammie.

Just because you CAN crochet something doesn't mean that you SHOULD. And just because it FITS doesn't mean you should actually WEAR it.


Keep your face toasty warm under the original beanie beard hat with cozy crochet beards

leslie hall, I accidentally deleted this pin so I had to repin again!

I really wish i had a picture like this. It would be my gift to everyone. Uh, Delgado, if only Murdock had gotten those gold shorts, THIS could have been our Christmas card.