I enjoy this vector illustration simply because it shows how each individual is made up of many different layers of personalities, emotions, hobbies, quirks, and flaws. Humans are an extremely unique species, with each person being different from the other. There are little parts and things in our minds and bodies that make up a whole human being and an over-all person with a conscience, morals, values, and beliefs.

"New Jersey-based photographer Taylor Allen overlays the twinkling visuals of galaxies over the female form in his series titled Astronomy. The photographer combines his passion for astronomy, organic portraits, and provoking vignettes into each image within this ongoing personal project. The double exposure images draw a connection between the vast universe and the organic human body in an eye-catching way (...). "



GIF Illustrations by Rebecca Mock – The illustrator Rebecca Mock makes beautiful illustrations animated gifs for various web media. The illustrations fit into the modern era by featuring characters in transport, holding an iPad or then a messy desk with iPhone vibrates and a graphics tablet.

New York illustrations on Behance

Great Vector Illustrations | From up North

Elisa Ancori #illustration #drawing #fish

Digital Illustrations by Daniela Uhlig


Comfortable Silence

Starcrossed Tattoo by One Horse Town

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Trippy collage #cool #collage #liveit #colors

Diego Max

Character Designs 2 by Rhys Owens

Seiichi Hayashi

Maxim Shkret, a Russian graphic designer, created captivating portraits of predators in 3D Vector graphics. http://bit.ly/1lFXv2A

color illustration

Lisandro Schurjin