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Explore Biggest Fly, Bethel College, and more!

Biggest fly i have ever seen (half of Zé shoe size) Bethel college 2016

36 of My Favorite Silly, Crazy or Funny Quotes For the Day

This is such wisdom for me! Don't think too'll create a problem that wasn't even there in the first place. #life #worry #quotes

Top 10 All-time Smart NBA Players

Michael Jordan..... Trap Music | Trap Music Definition

Video: Wiz Khalifa's Instructions On How To Roll A Perfect Joint! "Twist it. Bite it. Light it" ~~~UL

Animal pictures of the week: 13 May 2011

dolphins are my favorite animal and and I love then as much as everyone else plus infinity <3

17 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2016

I have been wanting to write a post like this for a long time so I can share all my favorite travel blogs, ones that I read regularly and follow along on their social media accounts as well. These aren’t necessarily the best or biggest name bloggers (although some are), but they are my favorites that keep me coming back to read more! What better time than the New Year to find some new travel inspiration?

These Crazy Roadside Attractions Are Actually Worth Stopping For!

If you're driving along Route 66 just west of Amarillo, Texas, stop by Cadillac Ranch, an art installation featuring 10 Cadillacs sticking out of the ground head-first. Commissioned by Stanley Marsh and created by a group of artists from San Francisco in 1974, the site is a tribute to the car's unique tail fin design between 1949 and 1963. (From: 25 WACKIEST Roadside Attractions in America!)