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AR-15 / M4 Rifles with 10" barrel's, Suppressors, MagPull Accessories, Surefire Lights, and possibly Aimpoint Optics?

Awesome: Your Online Guide to Zombie Survival: Gear Pr0n

Gun Safe!

Suppressed defense rifle with EOtech

Mk12 Mod1 - best long range semi automatic sniper.


best sniper rifles

Pictured here is the second to the last thing a criminal sees. The last thing will likely be a flash of light.

My note: I'm thinking of biting the bullet and purchasing one at the end of the year. Mr. Kevin has his and is making it to his specifications...I want one of my own.

Custom AR w/ kryptk camo for the black ops lovers that don't actually know what real guns and camps look like ;-)

Orange Camo AR-15 Rifles

ADDAX Piston 16" AR-15 with Magpul M93B Stock. -

Salient Arms International AR15 rifle in Megatron theme. Photo by Black Wire Studio.

theJanitor's AR-15/M4 clone, with excellent disruptive camouflage pattern. Unknown if he used Cerakote or not. From forums. "dark colors as the basecoat ( i used brown, olive, and the black of the original finish), and random applications of tan/khaki over a stencil. no special techniques, other than to try and break up the edges/lines of the rifle."

Custom AR-15 carbine (Photo Credit: Lucasberg)

Love this setup.


AR 15...NOT an assault rifle... It's a defense rifle!


spikes tactical AR-15...he loves this

tricked out AR 15


Custom AR-15

Pic request "308 handguards" - AR15.Com Archive