Dear Jinxx, Is there any instrument you don't know how to play? He is so talented.. <3

Jinxx of Black Veil Brides did anyone notice the placement of the candle? xD

CC playing Jinxx's cello during the recording process of Wretched and Divine.


I love how Jinxx is just like 'I'm going to sleep bitches'

Black Veil Brides—Jinxx "Thank You For Teaching Me It's Okay To Be Weird"

Ashley Purdy hot so hot he's got the tattoo heart on his hand <3 it's so hot and adorable days ashley has a soft part of him right on in his heart^><^!!!!!

Black Veil Brides Preferences & Imagines Kiss Me Awake✝ (Ashley ...

I could get this for you and we'd have matching shirts

Black Veil Brides ~ Jake Pitts and Jinxx ;)

pierce the veil

Black Veil Brides

Tp be honest....jinxx looks about 100% done with everything...and Jake looks like he didn't get sleep... XP these guys though XP

Black Veil Brides…Jinxx? Where are you?

Mama jinxx......

Jinxx :)


Sammi, Jinxx, and Sully. Yes BVB is so demonic *rolls eyes*

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Jinxx - Black Veil Bride