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God Bless our Men and Women in uniform!



freedom isint free thank you veterans

Serving together...

Count YOUR blessings.


Land of the free, because of the brave!

This is the absolute truth. Don't enrage a women while her nail polish is drying. If you do be prepared for what follows when its dry. YIKES! Watch OUT!!!

I proudly support the U.S Military. Re-pin if you are with me :)

United Military Travel is thankful for our US Armed Forces! Thank You to each and everyone of the men and women who have kept us free. Thank you isn't even enough for what you have done for everyone. God Bless Our Troops and please bring the rest home safe.

Men Women in uniform: Your oath is to the Constitution not to a party. Thank you for your oath to serve and protect during your service to our country! May God always Bless and be with You!

Worth the long pin. We need more men with hero's hearts, and less boys with "swag".

USA - SUPPORT THE TROOPS!! #4thofJuly (Find Source!) #MemorialDay #USA #RedWhiteBlue #Patriotic #VeteransDay #StarsAndStripes #Americana #Anyday

I will ALWAYS wait for you

sad but true.......

I wouldn't even say it's a universal paradox---it's just cause and effect; choice and consequence.

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