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  • Kristy Stephens

    The Trail of Tears shouldn’t have happened. People at the time knew that it was wrong, that it was illegal, and that it was unconstitutional, but they did it anyway. Historian Amy Sturgis explains why the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation to “Indian Territory” was wrong on both moral and legal grounds - Timeline Cycle 1 Week 18

  • Kristin N

    The Trail of Tears: a history lesson we never learned in school.

  • Danika Anderson

    CC Cycle 2 Week 18 History Trail of Tears

  • Executive And Group Development

    American Genocide the Trail of Tears - YouTube

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The Trail Of Tears... I walked part of this trail in the South.

In the winter of 1838-39 tje Cherokee tribe was forced by the American Government to leave their homes on an expedition to relocate to the west, It is one of the worst humiliations our government has ever forced on a people. This was directly after gold was discovered in the northern part of Georgia.

Trail Of Tears Monument - Route 66 - Jerome, MO - My 4G-Grandmother was a survivor of the Trail of Tears

1838 More than 15,000 Cherokee Indians are forced to march from Georgia to Indian Territory in present-day Oklahoma. Approximately 4,000 die from starvation and disease along the “Trail of Tears.”

Trail of Tears Era. Cherokee Family is being removed from their home by American Soldiers.

Trail of Tears National Historic Trail they knew it was wrong.....

Sacred Tears Monument, Tuscumbia Alabama. One of the points on the Trail of Tears. I can't imagine standing there.....thinking of all the people who died on this Trail....what they had to endure, how they suffered. America has a lot to be ashamed of as far as how the Native Americans were treated.....

Trail of Tears Documentary by TheFTDizzle off of youtube CLICK PIC TO WATCH youtube video

1838, Trail of Tears: Vicki Rozema, ed., Voices from the Trail of Tears (John F. Blair, 2003).

In my middle readers novel, Stone Man's Lair, a family flees the Cherokee Trail of Tears.