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Bright will be holding a braiding class on April 18th! However the class is already full. Bright would like your suggestions and ideas for our next class on June 20th at 5:30!

Nicole Richie 2009 Hair Braid Nicole Richie is a familiar face in the fashion industry. She never fails to grab attention from the fashion p.

still not a fan of the braid trend..but this is beautiful.. #hair

braid headband, braid section of hair behind ear, pull across top of head and pin behind other ear

Want Nicole Richie's ethereal braid bun? 1) Prep hair with product for a thick texture 2) Part hair in the middle and secure into a low ponytail. Part hair in the middle. Leave out a “headband”, section from ear to ear and isolate. 3) Braid front "headband" sections (4 in total) 4) Rope braid the low pony, and then twist + secure into a bun 5) Wrap + pin braids around the bun and then finish off with hairspray!

How to Get Nicole Richie's Cool and Ethereal Braided Bun, Modeled by Glamour Photo Manager Jenifer Gobie

Reality show star and trendsetter Nicole Richie wore a beautiful braided hairstyle while out recently. Richie’s unique updo consisted of a center part and braided pieces, which were swept to the back and pinned in place, giving her a one of a kind

sock bun...love doing this

Instead of using your socks to get the perfect bun try this donut call " The Sock Bun"You can pick from 3 different colors, black, brunette, and blondeas well as 3 different sizes small, med


If someday i had to make a bun in my hair, surely it has to be this one --> fun/ funky knot & braid updo

another braided hairstyle

Fuss-free hair styles for summer - love the hippy, braided look without those sun glasses

Adding volume to your bun - I don't have a Velcro Bumpit, instead I have a rat's nest made by my hair dresser out of my own hair wrapped in a hair net! How gross is that?! But it works, it blends with your own hair, and it's free! Just make sure your boyfriend never learns about it.

Hair Tutorial: Voluminous Puffy Bun

Creating a Voluminous Puffy Bun with a Japanese Velcro Bumpit and Goody Spin Pins

Curled waterfall braid

Curled waterfall braid so pretty