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A chapter from a harry potter book painted on a wall- I want to do this in my house someday except have favorite quotes from other books too.

And by 'loves the most' you mean verbally abuse a child for seven years, call a girl he had a crush on a slur, walk over the dead body of james, ignore the crying baby just so that he could cradle Lily in his creepy-ass arms? Yup, that definitely sounds like he loves the most lol :) :)) :)

I have no idea what IKEA is but this is awesome

"So you really think that doing the same thing they did to your village is okay? Just because they're monsters doesn't mean that you have to be." - the prince "Why do you speak as if you are not one of them?" -Amaya "Stop changing the question;but to answer you're question, I've never really felt like I belong with them. I'm nothing like them." -the prince

Harry 1st Year this world needs more of happy Harry (uni doodling series continues) by dasstark