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    Smallpox vaccine: I still have the scar on my left shoulder.

    • Sue Rogosienski

      Anybody remember a smallpox vaccine, and the scab that followed, and the scar that's still there? That hurt!!! And I still have my scar to prove it! (I thought that was from the polio vaccine ... but I DO still have the scar right where the nurse is giving the shot in this pic)

    • Melanie Bradley

      Anybody remember a smallpox vaccine? I do and the scab that followed.And the scar now. Anyone else had the plastic raised thing with holes that you could wear over it as it healed? The nurse that gave me one said it wouldn't hurt yeah, as she drilled it into my flesh.

    • Shame

      Remember getting a smallpox vaccine? I do and the scab that followed. Still have a scar from it! (.....and I remember when a nurse was proud to wear her hat, her dress, white stockings, and white shoes with a little heel.....they look very professional and I loved the hat)

    • Theresa Woods

      Smallpox vaccine: I still have the scar on my left arm. Nurse sure doesn't look like Miss Zachy though!

    • Wendy Lewis

      smallpox vaccine - a bad scab followed. Still have the scar **Back when a Nurse looked like a Nurse. I miss those caps. Nurses used to be very proud to wear them back in the day.**

    • Janice Arledge Blake

      anybody remember a smallpox vaccine? I do! And I have the scar to prove it. (and nurses wore caps like this too)

    • Jack Malone

      Remember getting your Smallpox Vaccination? You probably still have the scar. I also remember taking the sugar cubes for Polio. l love the white nurse outfit and hat.

    • Becky Griffith

      Anybody remember a smallpox vaccine? I do and the scab that followed.And the scar now. Sure, and nurses that wore uniforms like this, with their caps on.

    • Renae Murray Allison

      Vintage nurse - shot in the arm

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