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  • Neil and Vanessa Webber

    Brabourne Farm: Garden Blues

  • Rose

    As a young child, my sister, cousins and I would visit the creek near my grandma's house in the spring and pick bouquets of bluebells from around the creek bed and meadow nearby. We would then walk back up to her house and bring them into her. She acted like each bunch-full was the most thoughtful gift and appreciated them greatly. One of my fondest childhood memories.

  • Kathy Crawford

    English Bluebell - Purple Flower

  • Jane Harlow-Glover

    English Bluebell ... or "little blue flowers "

  • A-Women .com

    English Bluebell. Beautiful Flowers - Flowers Flowers Flowers

  • Mary Woodbridge

    English Blue bell

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flowers, colourful, colours. A previous pinner said, "A treat to see!" and I ditto that comment. ;) Mo and double ditto for me!

Wow! Gorgeous...pinks and purples and the lime greens in the plants and flowers work so well together...

purple ranunculus This is the flower that's going to be used for the boutiner. Only in a very soft pink.

the amazing beauty and detail of God's creation - what do you love about this flower?

Does anyone know what these flowers are? Please leave a comment...thanks!

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a lovely ride!!!!!!!! from flickr photostream - a triShaw

Jane Heller's "A Day at the Museum" - "This photo was taken at a local museum--it depicts underwater life as it would have been a few thousand years ago. The 'flowers' pictured are actually sculpted representations of Crinoids AKA Sea Lilies, beautiful marine invertebrates (spineless animals) related to starfish and sea urchins."