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父子? 貓咪蝙蝠俠帶回蝙蝠俠小貓 BATMAN kitty daddy and son XD

cute kitty

"Then And Now" kitties :)




Kitty portrait

kitty babies

Zen kitty

♥♥ kitty ♥♥

Amazing shadows on the kitty.

…just gonna borrow this for a moment...

what a beauty

Cat kitten adorable gorgeous Via Angela Axiarlis

#cats #kittens

Cat in jump. Aerodynamics? Pish! | by Andrew Culture


Coy Kitty ~ beautiful markings



Maru the cat. He is grand and knows it. Has more personality than most cats bodies can hold. He has a following on YouTube to be proud of. I just love him, and have had the best laughs from his antics than many others combined hope you take the time to look him up to put many smiles on you face.