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Jensen Ackles - This is what he looks like when he's kissing me goodnight ;)

I know this is Supernatural related and has nothing to do with coffee, but I'm going to pretend Dean's enjoying a delicious cup of coffee because he is delicious.

I'm... I just... I can't even... I'm sorry for spamming you with Jensen Ackles but I kinda love him. A little.

Dear God how is it possible to be that friggin' perfect?! IT ISN'T FAIR FOR OTHER GUYS! SERIOUSLY, MAN! JENSEN> PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE ELSE EVER

Jensen in a sweater and dress shirt omg I can't breathe

For anyone who needs this tonight. Jensen says, so you gotta listen. ;)

Jensen Ackles. No, but for real. He's my dreamcasting of Finnick Odair. No, I'm not going to shut up about it.