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It's like they threw him back in time.... Colonial Jensen. This is beautiful.

Dear God how is it possible to be that friggin' perfect?! IT ISN'T FAIR FOR OTHER GUYS! SERIOUSLY, MAN! JENSEN> PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE ELSE EVER

I know this is Supernatural related and has nothing to do with coffee, but I'm going to pretend Dean's enjoying a delicious cup of coffee because he is delicious.

"Welcome to Ackleholic's Anonomyous, where we encourage you to continue with your addiction whole heartedly."

I'm... I just... I can't even... I'm sorry for spamming you with Jensen Ackles but I kinda love him. A little.

Jensen in a sweater and dress shirt omg I can't breathe

For anyone who needs this tonight. Jensen says, so you gotta listen. ;)

15 Reasons why Dean Winchester is the perfect man.

Found this on tumblr... warning my induce ovaries to explode - Imgur

Jensen of three excellent reasons to watch #Supernatural