Cipta AWAN Dalam Rumah?

Change of perspective .It's Only Victorville - A Change of Perspective


Freshhues Brushstrokes from Design Seeds - Cloud White, Blue Smoke, Indigo Sky, Warm Light

White Water Churning!

White-water rapids is my guess, but the original website is a 404 error page, and so far the pinners I've checked haven't listed what it is, except snow. The motion doesn't seem to correlate with snow.

Our bath and body range encompasses the concepts of natures artistic beauty. Some of our ingredients include: Black Cyprus Salt sourced from the Mediterranean Sea, Pink Himalayan Salt sourced from the Himalayas, Moor Mud sourced from Northern Europe, Arabica Coffee Beans sourced from Colombia, Raw Cacao sourced from Peru, Australian and French clays, botanicals, cold pressed essential oils extracted from organic fruits... and more!

Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description Linadini Yasmin and Dewi Setyaningsih of Indonesia compete in the Women's Platform Synchronized Diving preliminary at the FINA World Championships. Photo: Adam Pretty, Getty Images (b&w version)

It's all about finding the calm in chaos.

Inspire Your Friends with these Famous Quotes (Part 8)

Cliffs and slamming waves. Shore Acres State Park , Oregon, 2014 ~ Amazing shot, I would not want to be the guy on the rock

oh yes. Up in the clouds

Clouds are white for the same reason as ice. They are composed of water droplets or ice crystals mixed with air, very little light that strikes them is absorbed, and most of the light is scattered, appearing to the eye as white. Shadows of other clouds ab

Serenity of the Sea via Secondtwirl | dreamy whites

Beaches are beautiful. Yet this one lacks colour. Although it is relaxing, it is a beautiful thing that lacks colour.

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"Clouds - variations of white. This is why I'll fight anyone for the window seat on a flight. window seats are the best

Disconnected: Dizzying Urban Landscapes by Christian Delfino #art #photography #Urban Photography

Disconnected: Dizzying Urban Landscapes by Christian Delfino Photography