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French antique manuscript 4-10 by Fairymelodycollect on Etsy antique france french calligraphy manuscript letter ink written paper text vintage

old french letters <3<3 a little mail art inspiration, gearing up for the zine workshop at the Gardner Museum this weekend!

Borders - Detailed record for Additional 35254K, N and P Title Cuttings from a Gospel Lectionary of Gregory XIII Origin Italy, Central (Rome) Date c. 1572 - c. 1585

Illuminated Manuscript, Book of Hours, Funeral Mass, Walters Manuscript W.168, fol. 166v, originally uploaded by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts. This fine illuminated Book of Hours was produced in two stages in the second and third quarters of the fifteenth century. The manuscript contains eleven full-page miniatures and twenty historiated initials.