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Hooy Well I wanted to do something with Black Goku, so.. Why not x). At this point on DBS I think it's the body of Mirai Goku which is used by the unknown Kaio named as Zamasu. Still d...

TMR 30 question challenge question 12: A character you wish hadn't died: Newt. I really wish he hadn't died. At least not the way he did,sick and eaten by insanity,screaming at his best friend to just put him out of his misery.

Not strictly Thomas x Minho, but I love these 3 too much to not pin!! [The Maze Runner - THREE. by on @deviantART]

Newt by Dinoralp I van not express how much I love this. To be honest when I saw it I screamed because of its amazingness. That is how much I love this

If his hair were longer this would be perfect... the pain in his eyes is overwhelming. I JUST WANT TO GIVE HIM A BIG HUG *cries*