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Princess Sweet Princess-Consort Zhao Hede (趙合德) (died 7 BC) was an imperial consort, with the title Zhaoyi (昭儀), during the Han Dynasty. She was a consort to Emperor Cheng and sister to Empress Zhao Feiyan. It is not known when Zhao Hede was born, but it is clear she was younger than her sister Feiyan. According to historical accounts, she was a daughter of two hereditary servants of imperial princes or princesses. Her father's name was Zhao Lin (趙臨).

Well not the first but one of the few digital paintings wi more than the head, and i must say i really like to work on bodys *u* High Res and step by step and psd on my patreon x) PatreonSupport me...

Was supposed to be for Vega's b'day like 2 days ago, but I was slow (kinda busted my thumbs playing SF on the xbox controllers + being a pedantic perfectionist) Oh well... better late than ne...

Old drawing on the left vs. messy redraw on the right these are so funny to look at like I can't believe I used to draw like this QvQ I was 12 on the left and now I'm 18 the funny thing is the old drawing probably took longer than the one on the right HAHA #improvement #redraw #art #artist #drawing #anime #semirealism

A quick study I did last night! reference from @kassio_epia ok so I srsly don't understand how brains work HAHA cos my last study took me like over 5 hours to finish (it was so hard QvQ ) and this one took me less than 2 hours.. I wish it was always easy haha but believe me I still struggle a lot too xD #art #artist #study #draw #drawing #practice #digital #digitalart #paint #painting #realism #semirealism #color