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Confused by RV solar power? This easy overview explains the terminology, components, design and solar parts selection for DIY RVers.

I think the teardrop camper could be outfitted with a version of this - Another great find while browsing the web & looking for inspirational quotes... Via swimguppy

Here is one reader's ingenious yet simple method of installing a convertible camper bed in her pickup truck.

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Web LINKS every RV and Camper owner Must Have before going on the road.

Web LINKS every RV and Camper owner Must Have before going on the road.-This document provides links to sits for; Campgrounds, Camping clubs, State campgrounds, Federal campgrounds, Camping clubs, Camping resorts

You can take advantage of these step by step blueprints and build your own magnetic electrical generator as well. You can cut your power bill by at least 50% so grab your copy of the magnetic electrical generator guide today.

Your ability to generate solar energy in an RV is only limited by your available roof space and your budget. These two PVL mats generate 138 watts which is more than enough to keep my batteries topped up and to run a TV/Sat/DVD for passengers whilst on the road.

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Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine - March / April 2014

Read the online article about how a 14 y.o. boy made this teardrop camper with a slide-out

Removable shelf on outside of the camper so you don’t have to pack a table. A shelf and grill to cook on and the picnic table to eat on makes it less to pack.