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* * PIGGIE WISDOM: " If yoo wants a picture of de future; imagine a boot stampin' on a human face, ferever.

Pigs In A Barrel

Bath Boys (Kune Kune Pig) - Barrels of fun for Bubbles and Pudding. (pic by Rachael Hale) Just love this photographer, what she captures is just amazing.

this baby pig just made my heart melt! *cuteness overload*

Looking for micro pigs or miniature pigs? Find micro pig pictures, micro pigs for sale listings, micro pig videos, micro pig information and much more cute piggy things! Micro and miniature pigs are the cutest little.


Pig Holds Flower Blank Card - Greeting Card by Avanti Press

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5 Reasons Pigs Are More Awesome Than You

Big Major Cay Island. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas

Where pigs swim: Island in the Bahamas boasts plenty of pigs, no humans.Big Major Cay — also known as Pig Beach or Pig Island — is home to many

2. PIG    Both Chinese and Irish people cherish the pig as a sign of good things. Chinese lore says that pigs can bring good luck to business dealings, while Irishmen respect the pig because of an old folktale. In the tale, a fortunate shepherd is said to  have a herd of pigs that always regenerates, so the herd never loses a member.

Animal lover or hypocrite? If you eat meat, please don't call yourself an animal lover because all you love about them is the taste of their flesh


:-) cant wait to have pigs as pets. Always a pig as a pet. Still do!


Piggie: We're on a mission here. Piggie: First we'll take a mud bath for camouflage then we'll invade the cornfield for our feast! Piggie: Then Big Bad Wolf, you're next!