Wind Seeds (2010) by Norman Mooney

Het begin by Karin van der Molen, Natuurkunstpark 2012, Lelystad

Norman Mooney, Wind Seeds

Matthew Harding



Woven willow by Tom Hare

Martin Wehmer #Study at home with our online art college #Graphic #Design

samuel salcedo

Original Modern Abstract MetallicTextured by GlassPalaceArts, $215.00

Jayson Fann

Norman Mooney Artwork - Sculpture. Wind Seeds,

Gravity Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads sculpture land art installation

Fantasy Wire Fairies Sculptures

15 Incredible Bronze Fountains Like You’ve Never Seen Before

“Space Matters” – Mehmet Ali Uysal

Stone Sculpture

Land art by Michael Wee

Hypnotic Wind powered Kinetic Sculptures by Anthony Howe sculpture kinetic : I love how the art is a mixture of the technical but relies on natural elements, e.g. the wind. Very Okarian and just plain gorgeous.

'Aero Agoseris' is a 15 foot kinetic wind sculpture by Mark Baltes located in Boise, Idaho