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Hi my name is AUBREY I love water coloring, being outside, and sometimes being alone. I find I way to love and accept everyone I meet even if they are rude. EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL IN MY BOOK!!! You'll probably find me on my phone looking for inspiration or as a burrito watching tv. I do not eat pigs they are my favorite animal. Love y'all

Hi I'm Jordan but you can call me Jello. I love art, music, crafting, the beach and reading. Im half blood and a huge fan girl. I'm creative, smart and extremely quirky. I speak english and French. Ask me anything.

My name is Allie and I love to write! I love vintage cars and Supernatural (and the music). I love to travel and I write because I want to share how I see the world.

Hi! My name is Olivia! I'm 11, and a first year. I love reading, writing, and books. Books are a magical thing that takes you away to other worlds. I am an actress, and singer. I love pandas because they are cute and cuddly. I have a kitty named sparkles. My favorite color is blue. All shades of it, and I love mint green also. I am very silly, but also mature. I am very unpredictable. I'm intelligent, and very social. I like to daydream, but not a lot. I can be a bit sassy and sarcastic. I…

Note to self: Three sets of shots, about 35.00 each. Spaying, around 180.00. More food, more kitty litter, more messes to clean up. No, you cannot have a new kitten!