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Kimsooja, To Breathen - A Mirror Woman, 2006, site specific installation at Palacio de Cristal, Parque del Retiro, Madrid, ph. Jaeho Chong.

My name is Christian this is a glimpse of my head what goes through and around it. Im weird as fuck...umh yeah...I love photography. Recently graduated from Humboldt State University. Feel free to ask me anything

Linear-Actions Cutting Project 'Who's Who in American Art”, 2005, 28.6x 23x 28cm, Cut on book “Who's Who in American Art 1976” 安部 典子 Noriko AMBE

Which colours do you see? I see the whole range of yellow to deep orange, even warm red. I see grey changing in blue. I see dark grey getting darker till black. There is lots of green, white and dark blue too. Put those colours together!