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Africa | Vervet Monkey family. South Africa | © stusik_i_sharik, on LiveJournal

from The Telegraph


Africa | A portrait of mature male bonobo named Makali looking thoughtful at Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary, Democratic Republic of Congo | © Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers. { Bonobo together with their cousins, the chimpanzees, are genetically closer related to us than they are to gorillas. Bonobo share more than 97% of the same genetic make up ~DNA ~ as humans }

"Baboon," by Don Johnson; Smithsonian Zoos and Aquariums Winner. “I took many photographs of this baboon as he was being groomed by his mate. He obviously enjoyed it. His expression was irresistible; I had to get a photograph that captured the joy on his face...I think the image captures his contentment.” -- LOVE this expression!

"Read my lips ... I didn't eat it ...I SWEAR I didn't!!! ;)" LOL Oh what a face....hahahaha! Turtles ....Vegan Love