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Life goes on.

my life.

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That would have been the day I took you home. That day I let love and joy into my life and we shared so many wonderful years together!

Live your life!

I love this!!<< this is TRUE of motherhood, it develops you in a way that is amazing, people can tell you but until you have children yourself, it is just unknown. My children have taught me so much about myself and about life. I am a better person individually because of them!

MOM...Love is blind because "You started loving me before seeing my face" A beautiful Mother's Day quote print for Mom

ee cummings

"UNLESS YOU HAVE A ROCK-SOLID COMMITMENT TO TRUTH, the Bible won't change your life - it will only be so many words in a sea of words." ~ Winkie Pratney

my gift is how obssessive i get about books/movies/tv shows.. and then i weird people out. hope you like your gift! :)

the little things in life

Create a life that feels good on the inside