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Sunlight Soap Vintage Art Postcard

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Vintage chocolate poster for Cailler. The oldest brand of Swiss choc in production today - apparently uses fresh milk on the chocolate.

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Cacao van houten - girl handing small boy cup of cocoa watched by dog

Cinemas and TVs are spiritual sucking stations. As you suspected, toxic and to be avoided in almost every case.  But don’t despair. The Truth is there. The real channeling of information and empowerment is amongst the alternative research community. Granted, it too is compromised somewhat, but that can be expected. Don’t be naive. And certainly not so much you won’t find the Truth you need to spur your soul. --Zen Gardner

Tv advertising: Ultimate advertising medium b/c it can combine many creative elements. Infomercials- 30 or minute advertisements with immediate selling opportunities. -TV Prime Time: PM (Most expensive to advertise)

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