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sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are borderline inappropriate. and by sorry, i mean you're welcome.

Hahaha! "I have been in forest less shady than you."

Me when doing senior project hours at a Catholic Church. Since I am lds I am not used to catholic wedding traditions so when they do something I'm not used to, it surprises me therefore I kinda smirk. I feel so bad when I do that. Nothing against the other religion I swear.

EVERY SINGLE ONE! Actually I might have a problem :-

*backflips off loft bed, ninja kicks door open, barrel rolls into living room, rips plug out of wall, teleports back to computer, world is at peace*

No, I don't need to walk a mile in your shoes. I can see that you're a train wreck from all the way over here.

..... . I like 1% of the people I know, 50% I tolerate and the rest can go to hell.

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

Thought this was so funny when someone read it to me last night, had to find and pin.

I hate it when people get all worked up about cursing. Bitches better be glad my abuse is only verbal and not physical. #ecards

I get scared when I have to sneeze while driving.