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Weight loss vs Fat loss HeBaLife is Not a weight loss Program it is a FAT-LOSS way of Life. I am shrinking & toning everyday total loss 10 inches all over so far 6 weeks and 10 pounds off in the first week.

Tell me more about how riding horses isn't a sport

This is why it is so important to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

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Something I needed to see right now #fitnessinspiration

Something I needed to see right now #fitnessinspiration

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“Just because the physical body is temporary doesn't mean you shouldn't love and respect it”

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How to Breathe When Running. Good to know to help you get through those long runs and cold days! Check out Dieting Digest

Fitness, Health & Well-Being | A Little Weight-Loss Advice to Yield Huge Results | POPSUGAR Fitness Photo 6

A Little Weight-Loss Advice to Yield Huge Results

You Will Love Exercise If You Get Outdoors | Fitness Gym *** Read more details by clicking on the image. #FitnessEquipment

You don't need fancy fitness equipment to get fit or lose weight. Get great results with these 10 cheap and challenging workouts you can do practically anywhere.

3 Tricks to Beat Workout Jitters

3 Tricks to Beat Workout Jitters

Whether you're jumping back into the gym or just starting out, here are 3 Tricks to Beat Workout Jitters; have an extremely hot guy stare at you while you're working out;

Marathoner vs. Sprinter #fitness

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Best Cardio to Burn Fat fitness flat-abs workout ab-challenge weight-loss

Did you know that drinking water is not only good for you but it also helps you lose weight! It suppresses your appetite and keeps away bloating and tiredness! Want to know more about water can do for (Shakeology Ingredients Vegan)

Lose weight and get healthy just by drinking water. Cellular health is optimized by drinking water. Stop feeling tired and sluggish! Lose belly fat and optimize your health by drinking 10 eight ounce glasses of water.

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YOUR body is NOT a yo-yo. Realize that YOU are the reason to get healthy and look healthy. Health shines from the inside out and regardless of what you are wearing on that body, it is all about year-round lifetime care.a LIFESTYLE.

Doing BOTH works and  is the way to go.      Doing them at the same time doesn't count as both. LOL

The Mistake That's Costing You Pounds-Make sure you do resistance training and cardio. Kettlebell workouts do both. Or in this case - not gaining muscle!

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Lori Harder Ms Bikini Universe 2010 fuels her body with ISAGENIX! Hundreds of fitness models and athletes have integrated Isagenix into their normal diets for INCREDIBLE results!