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      Thanks for pinning on my CHARMING SHOPS board!! If YOU would like to pin on this board, just follow it and enter a comment on any of the pins on this board. Thanks - and Happy Pinning!!!


      Thank you #Pinterest followers! If there's a quote or topic you'd like to see more Pins of, post it in the comments and if I can't find it, I'll try to create it! Thank you!

    • Megan The Glitter Fairy Watson

      Guys oh my gosh I almost 100 followers :) thanks so much you guys, I really hope you like what I'm pinning! Comment if you want me to start a new board or pin more/less of stuff :)

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      Thank you for following me on Pinterest!!! I invite you to repin as many as you like. Come on back often, thanks! If you aren't following my board, hover over an image and click the Heart!! OR go to the right and click Follow Board and follow all my boards.

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      Thank you to my Pinterest friends - I really enjoy finding and re-pinning all things outdoors (living spaces, gardening, etc.), along with my other boards. I ❤ Pinterest!

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      Thank you! I would like to shout-out @Paige Hereford Pinault @Angela DC P @Sadie Rosenquist M. @kayley Peugh @Dianne Massie Chavez @Danica Furman BARROIS @Amy Lyons Dutko @AJ Epp @Caryssa Watson Luke @Lindsey Grande Brown @Norma Johnson Cooper Thank you guys so much! I finally reached my goal of 100 followers thanks to you!

    • Margaret Muncy

      I'm about to hit 100 followers thanks to @Niall Horan accepting my invite to this one. I have 19 other boards with cool stuff on them that you might want to follow.

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      THANKS to ALL the Followers of my Boards, and ALL the Pinners who pin to my "Group Boards" ! I am grateful to you ALL. Happy Pinning! ♥...Kvetka

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      Thanks for following me guys!!!! I now have 100 followers, but of coarse I wouldn't have any if it wasn't for everyone of you

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    I love you guys ♥ ^-^

    I Love all of my followers!! :)

    Sure do. Thank you!

    I Appreciate My (Pinterest) Followers! I Love It When I Get "Repinned" and "mentioned in comments" and it makes me feel very happy and special when someone actually take the time to look at my boards and press that follow button. :') I love u guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to all for following my boards!! xoxoxo : )

    I appreciate it.

    Thanks to all of you who are following me on Pinterest. Please pin anything, and as much as you would like from my boards. Have fun Pinning, and many thanks!

    Even the people who don't follow me are beautiful. You are all beautiful!! :)

    YES It is! I don't know what I did before Pinterest, I just love Pinterest and all my followers, thank you for your wonderful pins you help to inspire me and to keep me going.

    Comment if you want to know! (Might not answer all questions, if I don't feel comfortable doing so or just don't have an answer).

    Some birds just aren't meant to be caged...

    Tea Party with the Ladies!❤️

    Takes you to Shanghai (without the pricey plane ticket)

    A massive THANK YOU!!!! I love you all, and you are the awesomest people on earth!!! Haha! xD

    Pinterest Disclaimer. Disclaiming... Also, I have not checked all the medical claims and "how to" ideas. Try them at your own discretion, please.



    Goodnight guys! Love u xoxo

    ~ When you find a bad pin delete it or click the report pin button on the right. Pinterest will then block the pin. ~ ~ This quote courtesy of Pinstamatic (

    "do y'all do this too? I'm glad I'm not the only one." HA! Nope..your not the only one!