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I love that pole fitness has been enjoying more mainstream success lately. It's like all of a sudden people realized how athletic you have to be in order to do any kind of pole work at all. Look at this girl and tell me she is NOT fit as a fiddle--and if you don't think so, I dare you to try this move for yourself!

Learn to do this.... Cuz it's just crazyyyy how they do that

Pole fitness IS a sport. I tried this in a class once. IT IS SO HARD

They say that pole dancing is a great work out ... I really want to try this work out haha

This is my sister, Zoraya Judd - Pole move (pic only, no link)

i must start practicing my gemini again to get back here! & my flex to get into jade

I find this the most amazing way to work out, I actually have a pole and its amazing! Its not just for stripping :)

Don't let winter hold you back. Get out and try something new! Pole dancing classes are a great way to warm up and get in shape! Check out Pink Lemon Studio located in St. Louis, MO. www.pinklemonstud... 1-844-STL-POLE

Pole Fitness -- poleXposure, Miss Pole Dance UK 2011, Jess Leanne Norris by Taranuk, via Flickr

pole dancing. Great for fitness. Can't put one of these up in my apartment!

Pole Art - Jasmine by hannah elizabeth photography, via Flickr

Think I'm going to practice this tonight