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A bunch of funny text messages. Screen captures of text message fails, auto correct and more. So funny.

Justin Bieber sms

When your friend is there and you know it but she hates Justin beiber. Always threaten with Justin Bieber.


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GirlfriendDude i fell off a fifty foot ladder just now | Really r u ok | Ya luckily i was only on the second step | U jerk u scared me

Once Me, Eryn, Sarah, Lexie, and eather were climbing a tree and heather jumped off and grabbed onto a branch. We ran inside and told rachel heather jumped out of a tree and broke something-the branch.


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Why can't evey boyfriend! say to their girlfriend that we should wait until after were married to have sex. Like the guy from the txt in this pic. there are fewer gentlemen in the world now that its even harder to find a boyfriend