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Love the idea of a "grazing tray," that kids can help themselves to all day (with a variety of healthy fruits, veggies, etc.) I would leave it inn the fridge & she could help herself when she feels like a snack. I have yet to try this, but grazing throughout the day is so much healthier than large meals & designated snack times.

  • Emily Knerr Darquea

    Grazing may be better for your metabolism, but it is much worse for your teeth. It increases risk for caries (cavities) because eating makes your mouth more acidic and that acid promotes decay. Cute idea though!

  • Carlene Jager

    great idea for set snack times too, not just for grazing. Gives them a healthy variety in a fun way. Thanks for the idea :)

  • Jill Christen

    Ha! I'm a "grazing kid" and will do this just for me!

Adventures in Freezer Cooking...dozens of recipes you make and can be frozen. Wonderful for make ahead weekends and prep days!

grown up toddler meals. check out the comments for inventive ideas too--mixing quinoa into mashed sweet potatoes with greens, etc.

Toddler meals - for when I finally get mine to eat...

  • Cara Stamp

    Holy crap, I'd like to see a toddler actually eat that much food! I don't think I could even eat that much in one meal.... Looks yummy though! :)

Ten (Quick and Easy) Toddler School Lunch Ideas (Brought to you by Del Monte)

What to feed my toddler..well, he hates eggs, and rice. But he likes chicken, hummus, & pizza.

Toddler Food (12-18 Month) May 2012 Menu...i need to do this so Clinton has meals for the kids when he gets home... he just feeds them snacks until we have dinner and then they don't eat

Toddler food ideas...esp the protein! But. Like Es dr says he wont starve himself, he'll eat when he's hungry. But yeah why does he have to be so darn picky!